Michael Gough

Michael Gough

Michael Gough is host and webmaster of www.SkypeTips.com, which was launched in January 2005 and receives more than 100,000 hits per month, and www.VideoCallTips.com, which receives more than 30,000 hits per month. Michael writes articles on Skype and related issues. He also explains Skype’s options and instructions to users so that they can practically apply Skype at home and in the workplace. Michael also evaluates products used with Skype and provides feedback to the vendors on features and improvements to help drive the direction of Skype-related products. Michael is also the host and webmaster for www.VideoCallTips.com, a Web site focused on helping people understand how to make video calls to family and friends, and maintains ratings of the many video call solutions available. Michael’s full-time employment is as a computer security consultant with 18 years’ experience in the computer technology field. Michael works for a Fortune 500 company, where he delivers security consulting services to their clients. Michael also presents for his company at many trade shows and conferences and works with associations and groups, advising agencies like the FBI on Skype security and the Center for Internet Security on wireless security.

Affiliations and Expertise

Computer security consultant, host and webmaster, www.SkypeTips.com and www.VideoCallTips.com