Mats Stille

Mats Stille

Mats Stille is currently holding an Expert position with Ericsson in Stockholm. He has a background in mobile telephony core network system management related work around standardisation, network and service architecture development including terminal aspects, and also acting as technical leader in teams. He joined Ericsson in 1985 started working with core network functions of 1G analogue mobile telephony systems such as TACS and AMPS, but was soon pioneering 2G GSM standards and its development in the late 80's and early 90's. He has also worked with the Japanese 2G PDC system, 3G UMTS- and 4G systems. Mats has been representing Ericsson for four years in the GSMA/RCS committee where he was focusing on IMS core, video and voice related services, and has been the GSMA official editor of the committee’s specification on MMTel packet switched voice. He has studied Mathematics at the University of Stockholm, Sweden.

Affiliations and Expertise

Expert at Ericsson Sweden