Materials Science

As a result of the significant media attention to nanoscience and nanotechnology in the recent years, we've seen a large scale increase in the number of materials science books available today. Elsevier's Materials Science portfolio includes a wide range of books and eBooks in a variety of different formats from undergraduate textbooks to multi-volume reference works investigating the relationship between the structure of materials and their properties. The field examines elements of applied physics and chemistry, as well as chemical, mechanical, civil and electrical engineering and Elsevier's material science books cover seven major sub-disciplines: Energy & Power, Metals & Alloys, Ceramics, Composite Material Science, Polymer Science & Biomaterials, Interdisciplinary Materials Science and Structural Materials.

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Spotlight on Phillip Choi

Author of The Elements of Polymer Science & Engineering, 3rd Edition

Prof. Phillip Choi received his B.A.Sc. in chemical engineering in 1988 from the University of British Columbia and his M.A.Sc. and Ph.D., also in chemical engineering, in 1992 and 1995, respectively, from the University of Waterloo. While pursuing his graduate studies, he received scholarships from the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to study solubility properties of non-ionic surfactants... [ More... ]

The Elements of Polymer Science & Engineering, 3rd Edition

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USD 119.95
Authors: Alfred Rudin ...see All
Release Date: 14 Dec 2012

Handbook of Polymer Applications in Medicine and Medical Devices

Illustrated in full color, this is a concise reference work providing up-to-date information on a broad range of polymer applications in medicine, including the design and use of medical devices.

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USD 279.00
Editors: Kayvon Modjarrad ...see All
Release Date: 10 Dec 2013

Applied Plastics Engineering Handbook, 1st Edition

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USD 265.00
Editor: Myer Kutz
Release Date: 26 Jul 2011

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    Release Date: 31 Mar 2014

    Extended Finite Element Method, 1st Edition

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    Cleaning with Solvents: Methods and Machinery, 1st Edition

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