Mary J Thornbush

Mary J Thornbush

Dr Mary J. Thornbush is currently Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, UK. She has been conducting field-based research in geomorphology since 1999, when she examined Holocene landscape change in a fluvial landscape located in southern Ontario, Canada. She subsequently shifted to urban-based studies and has been examining environmental geomorphology in particular of weathering science since 2002, when she attended the University of Oxford for her doctoral degree and final research training. She was awarded her doctorate in 2006 and remained Senior Research Associate of the Oxford University Centre for the Environment until 2008. She became Assistant Professor at Lakehead University's Orillia Campus as part of Geography and Interdisciplinary Studies until 2010. Dr Thornbush was Visiting Research Fellow with the Initiative of Heritage Conservancy in Greece before coming to the University of Birmingham in March 2011. She continues to collaborate with human geographers as well as archaeologists in European research. Dr Thornbush is currently working on several initiatives, including an authored eBook entitled Photographs Across Time: Studies in Urban Landscapes with an archaeologist, and is associate editor for two special issues to be published by the journal Area and the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Dr Thornbush represents the UK Chapter as part of the International Association for Geoethics, where she heads a newly formed committee that addresses issues of gender in the geosciences.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Birmingham, UK