Marta Maschio

Marta Maschio

Dr. Marta Maschio is Neurologist, Epileptologist, and Director of The Center for Brain Tumor-related Epilepsy, Regina Elena National Cancer Institute in Rome, Italy. Since 2005, she has been Director of this unique center, one of the few in Europe dedicated entirely to patients with Brain tumor-related Epilepsy. Known for her ability to think outside the box, Dr. Maschio is constantly searching for innovative approaches to improving patient care for this complex pathology, where epileptologists are rarely part of the patient’s primary care team. She is dedicated to changing that through educational initiatives, membership in the leading international organizations in the field of epilepsy, and by publishing her research in leading scientific journals. In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Maschio is an active researcher and has published over 100 articles on BTRE and numerous book chapters. She also contributed to the development of BTRE Treatment Recommendations published in 2008, as member of the Italian Scientific Committee, designated by the Italian Association for Neuro-oncology. Since 2011, she has been Co-Director of the Neuro-oncological Section, International School of Neurological Science S. Servolo, Venice International University, and since 2012, is National Coordinator of the BTRE Study Group, Italian Society against Epilepsy. In 2010, she created her Centers’ web portal, the first in the world exclusively for BTRE patients, of which she is very proud. On a personal note, she has also won several national poetry awards.

Affiliations and Expertise

Center for Tumor-related Epilepsy, UOSD Psychiatry, Health Direction, National Institute for Cancer "Regina Elena", Rome, Italy


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