Maricela Correa-Chávez

Maricela Correa-Chávez

Maricela Correa-Chávez is an assistant professor of developmental psychology at Long Beach State University in California. Her work centers on understanding children’s learning as a cultural practice that develops through participation in activity with others in communities that have Indigenous Mexican and Central American roots, focusing particularly on how children use forms of attention and communication in learning that are different from the forms of attention and communication expected by the institution of school. She has conducted research on these topics in Mexico and Guatemala, as well as in the United States with both immigrant and middle-class families. Dr. Correa-Chávez received her doctoral degree in Developmental Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and her work has been funded by the Ford Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, the American Educational Research Association/Institute for Educational Sciences, the UC Linguistic Minority Research Institute, and the Foundation for Child Development.

Affiliations and Expertise

Psychology Department, California State University Long Beach, USA