Maika G. Mitchell

Maika G. Mitchell

The lead scientist and principle author in numerous studies involving tumor immunology, Dr. Mitchell has current teaching experience in anatomy and physiology, including recognition for contributions to research development, revenue-focused product development and management of high-tech operations. She is a contributor to the NCBI SNP database for pediatirc and urological cancers. Dr. Mitchell has been a research scientist for well over 17 years in the biomedical field, most recently as Senior Director of Research & Development in Greater New York conducting flow cytometry and molecular-based assays in conjunction with bioinformatics.

Affiliations and Expertise

ASCP, NSBE, AACC, CAP, NYSDOH, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, MSKCC, CLC bio, The Science Advisory Board, BioConference Live!, Touch Oncology, PRIMR, and Lean In Community.


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