Lynnclaire Dennis

Lynnclaire Dennis

For more than twenty years Lynnclaire has worked with leading mathematicians and scientists the world over to identify the points and landshapes in common for living and life-like systems. With the heart of a visionary and the mind of a scientific pioneer, she has worked to understand, translate and apply the knowledge known as the Mereon Matrix. She has evolved the knowledge of this mathematical pattern that charts Nature’s sequential growth patterns, to the point where it can be used to organize social systems. Focusing on individuals and organizations, she has designed applications based on this whole system process for personal development and educational imperatives. The applications are helping adults and children discover how to intentionally grow and create flow while riding the never-ending wave of change. Participants report experiences that are meaningful and measurable, changes in attitude and action catalysing benefits that are tangible and enduring. She has worked with renowned geometer Robert W. Gray since 1998 to build computer models of how geometry spins and ties two versions of a trefoil knot; years of work is now observable in a natural medium, water, using the newest cymatic technology, the CymaScope. The precision in the pattern match between the cymatics and the computer modelling is stunning. Twenty years of experience catalysing a transdisciplinary scientific quest has developed her skill as a scientific thinker, honing a keen sense of perspective necessary to bring clarity and simplicity to play. Her sense of humour, curiosity, willingness to be vulnerable and use her mind and heart to keep an inclusive spirit allows familiars and strangers to quickly establish a shared context. However, it is her ability to help them find mutual values that sets a solid foundation, and makes progress exponential. This work reflects of Dennis’ personal motto and purpose; revealing why and how complex diversity is essential for unity; that cooperation is necessary for systems, individual and collective, to maximize success. Her long-time colleague and co-author Louis Kauffman, describing himself as a "mathematician and human being" writes, “I recommend Lynnclaire Dennis to you without reservation. As a transdisciplinary scientist, she is a gifted facilitator, able to cross disciplines and business domains like no one else. She is a natural resource to be treasured, and protected.”

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Lynnclaire Dennis

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