Lynette Nixon

Lynette Nixon

Lynette Nixon is a Gunggari woman who has lived all her life in S. W. Queensland. After working on properties throughout the area, she raised seven children. Over the past 15 years Lynette has been involved in community development through the Mitchell Aboriginal Housing Company, the local Aboriginal education committee, women’s health groups and the Nalingu committee. Lynette studied at UNE (Armidale) where she completed the Associate Diploma in Aboriginal Studies. She has worked as a full-time researcher for the Nalingu Aboriginal Corporation as well as on the evaluation of the Queensland Aboriginal Health Program and a number of ARC Grants. Most recently she has been recording the stories and language of Gunggari people who were taken away from their country after the turn of the 20th Century. She is currently employed as a Research Fellow at The Centre for Research in Aboriginal and Multicultural Studies, UNE. Over the past 10 years she has been involved in many cross-cultural education workshops as part of the Binang Goonj Team.

Affiliations and Expertise