Luisa V. Lopes

Luisa V. Lopes

Luísa V. Lopes is a Group leader@iMM Lisboa, Portugal. Her current work focuses on understanding the mechanisms inducing the "early-aging" of the cognitive function. The team has extensively provided evidence for an important contribution of adenosine receptors in pathophysiological context, and their impact in noxious brain conditions such as stress, aging and neurodegeneration, being awarded by FEBS, FENS and EMBO. Luisa graduated in Lisbon in 1998 in Biochemistry and then pursued a PhD in Neurosciences being trained in the University of Cambridge, UK and at the Karolisnka Institute, Sweden. She acquired postdoctoral experience in a company setting (Nestlé Research Center; Switzerland) studying brain-gut interactions with particular focus on early-life stress. Luisa established her own research group in 2013 as recipient of an Investigator FCT position. Her contribution includes providing the crucial first evidence of a possible glucocorticoid-adenosine link in Alzheimer’s disease (with D. Blum) following previous groundwork suggesting circadian disorders as a trigger for accelerated cognitive loss. She has authored more than 40 papers in international peer-reviewed journals with over 1000 citations. These include top journals in the field of neuroscience, such as Molecular Psychiatry, Neurobiology of Ageing, Journal of Neuroscience, as a senior author; including an award publication in TINS. Luisa has also served as a Board Member of Portuguese Society for Neuroscience and got an award from DANA Alliance for her work in raising public awareness for brain research.

Affiliations and Expertise

Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal


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