Luis Spitz

Luis Spitz

Luis Spitz has been a world-renowned expert in the soap industry for over 50 years. With a degree in chemical engineering from Wayne State University, he became an expert on soap processing while working at The Dial Corporation in Chicago. He has represented (the) Italian Manufacturers of Soap Processing Plants and Packaging Machinery and is currently an independent consultant in the soap industry. From 1977-2015, Luis chaired and presented at numerous global conferences on soaps and detergents, including the first AOCS World Conference on Soaps and Detergents (1977) and several SODEOPEC conferences (2002, 2006, 2008, 2015). He has edited and contributed to 7 soap-related titles, including Soap Technology for the 1990’s, Soaps and Detergents - A Theoretical and Practical Review (1996), SODEOPEC (2004), the first and second editions of The Evolution of Clean - A Visual Journey through the History of Soaps and Detergents and the first edition of Soap Manufacturing Technology.

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L. Spitz Inc., Highland Park, IL, USA


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