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Life Sciences

The scope of life sciences is as vast as the variety of life on Earth: mathematical biology, developmental biology, molecular and cell biology, parasitology and virology, microbiology and immunology — the list goes on. Elsevier, through its renowned imprints like Academic Press, provides high-quality content in all of these areas that supports learning, teaching, and research. Our books, eBooks, journals, and online tools are cross-disciplinary, allowing academics and professionals to effectively learn about science outside their areas of focus.

Spotlight on Yoram Vodovotz

Yoram Vodovotz,Translational Systems Biology,1st Edition,9780123978844
Author of Translational Systems Biology, 1st Edition

Yoram Vodovotz, Ph.D., is currently the President of the Society for Complexity in Acute Illness. His research interests include the biology of acute inflammation in shock states, chronic inflammatory diseases, wound healing, malaria, and restenosis. His work utilizes mathematical modeling to unify and gain insight into the biological interactions that characterize these inflammatory conditions. As the Director of the Center for Inflammation and Regenerative Modeling (CIRM) at the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, he has been involved... [More...]

Translational Systems Biology, 1st Edition

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Authors: Yoram Vodovotz ...see All
Release Date: 10 Oct 2014

Essentials of Stem Cell Biology

The only source that provides firsthand accounts of the latest stem cell research from the leading experts[ More... ]
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Editors: Robert Lanza ...see All
Release Date: 04 Nov 2013
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