L.O. Williams

L.O. Williams

Laurence O. Williams Education: BS Chemistry, Purdue University, 1961

Employment History
2002 - Chemistry Tutor, Mount Union College, Alliance Ohio
Technical Consultant (Energetic Materials) to Atlantic Research Corporation, Gainesville, Virginia and Lockheed Martin Corporation, Orlando, Florida

1999 January 1 Retired from Lockheed Martin, Orlando Florida

1996- 1998 Lockheed Martin, Orlando; Staff Scientist
I was an internal consultation on energetic materials and principal investigator for Independent Research and Development tasks covering new missile warheads and methods of detecting and neutralizing chemical and biological agents.

1994- 1996 Lockheed Martin Ordnance Systems Co., Burlington VT; Chief Scientist
I directed Research and Development to improve Ordnance items to include gun propellants, 120mm mortar ammunition, 40mm machine gun ammunition, and Reactive Armor to protect armored personnel carriers.

1982- 1994 Martin Marietta, Orlando; Manager, Research Ordnance Department
I managed a 20 man staff performing independent research and development and contract research and development concerning Reactive Materials (classified) peak contract values booked approximately $40 million.

1979- 1981 The Aerospace Corporation, Washington D. C.; Program Manager
I managed the hydrogen energy program at The Aerospace Corporation. Provided consulting services to the United States Department of Energy. Supported activities in Solar Energy collection, Ocean Thermal Gradients energy sources and the production and storage of hydrogen as a method of load matching in energy systems.

1970- 1979 Martin Marietta, Denver CO; Manager, Hazardous Materials Laboratory
I managed a 10 person staff performing research, development and properties testing for propellant and explosives. I developed a method to purify hydrazine for the VIKING MARS LANDER mission. The pure hydrazine became a profitable product to fuel ca

Affiliations and Expertise