Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine E-Book

Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine E-Book, 8th Edition

Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine E-Book, 8th Edition,Parveen Kumar,Michael Clark,ISBN9780702053047


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Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine is known, respected and admired by medical students, doctors and health professionals throughout the world. It provides in one volume a comprehensive and authoritative source of information on the management and treatment of medical problems. Clarity of writing, a hallmark of Kumar and Clark, has been combined with a colourful and attractive presentation and a companion website to produce a complete resource of medical information. Kumar and Clark is now regarded as the one book that every aspiring and qualified doctor should own.

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Key Features

  • New to this edition:

    • New chapter on palliative medicine.
    • Five times the number of margin clinical photos.
    • New echocardiography images.
    • Double the number of dermatological images; including all the major lesion morphologies covered in a single page.
    • 16 new authors.
    • New sections on protein synthesis, energy production and stem cells.
    • New members of the International Advisory Board from India, South Africa, Poland and the Middle East.
    • 7 new online chapters from the International Advisory Board.

    Key online features:

    • 30 extra short chapters online, written by members of the International Advisory Board to cover key international issues, such as malaria, envenoming and HIV.
    • Animated practical procedures, including lumbar puncture, central venous and bladder catheterization, arterial cannulation etc.
    • heart and lung sounds, and
    • interactive surface anatomy available online.
    • Full text online through StudentConsult.
    • Add your own notes and bookmarks.

    • Search across all the StudentConsult resources you own online in one place.

  • Parveen Kumar

    CBE, BSc, MD, DM (HC), FRCP, FRCP(Edin)

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Professor of Medicine & Education, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary, University of London, and Honorary Consultant Physician; Gastroenterologist, Barts and The London Hospitals NHS Trust and Homerton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK

    View additional works by Parveen Kumar

    Michael Clark

    MD, FRCP

    Affiliations and Expertise

    Honorary Senior Lecturer, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary,University of London and Consultant Physician, Princess Grace Hospital, London, UK

    View additional works by Michael L Clark

    Kumar and Clark's Clinical Medicine E-Book, 8th Edition

    1 Ethics D Bowman

    Communication A Cushing

    2 Molecular cell biology and genetic disorders D Kelsell, C Byrne and K Linton

    3 The immune system and disease M Peakman

    4 Infectious diseases, tropical medicine and sexually-transmitted infection RG Finch, WL Irving, P Moss and J Anderson

    5 Nutrition M Elia

    6 Gastrointestinal disease J Lindsay, L Langmead and S Preston

    7 Liver, biliary tract and pancreatic disease AK Burroughs, D Westaby and G Dusheiko

    8 Haematological disease MF Murphy, J Wainscoat and KJ Pasi

    9 Malignant disease CJ Gallagher, TA Lister and M Smith

    10 Palliative medicine and symptom control MJ Johnson, G Eva and S Booth

    11 Rheumatology and bone disease M Shipley, A Rahman, D O’Gradaigh and R Conway

    12 Renal disease MM Yaqoob

    13 Water, electrolytes and acid-base balance MM Yaqoob

    14 Cardiovascular disease AJ Camm and N Bunce

    15 Respiratory disease AJ Frew and S Doffman

    16 Critical care medicine CJ Hinds, D Watson and R Pearse

    17 Drug therapy and poisoning M Rawlins and JA Vale

    18 Environmental medicine ML Clark and CRA Clarke

    19 Endocrine disease TA Howlett and MJ Levy

    20 Diabetes mellitus and other disorders of metabolism EAM Gale and JV Anderson

    21 The special senses M Harries, F Vaz, S Verma and R Hamilton

    22 Neurological disease P Jarman

    23 Psychological medicine PD White and J Bourke

    24 Skin disease DG Paige

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