Konstantinos Papadimitriou

Konstantinos Papadimitriou

Konstantinos Papadimitriou was awarded his PhD degree on the stress physiology of lactic acid bacteria in 2006 with distinction. Since then, Dr. Papadimitriou has worked in different projects funded by EU or national funds as a research associate in the group of Prof. Tsakalidou. His main research interests include the microbiology of milk and milk products, the physiology, the genetics and the genomics of lactic acid bacteria, the metagenomics of food ecosystems, single cell microbiology, plasmid biology and applied bioinformatics. Dr. Papadimitriou has published twenty-one original research articles and has received more than 200 citations. Dr. Papadimitriou and Prof. Tsakalidou are the editors of the book entitled “The stress physiology of lactic acid bacteria” published by Springer (2011). Furthermore, Dr. Papadimitriou is a member of the editorial board of Applied and Environmental Microbiology (ASM) and has served as an ad-hoc reviewer in more than twenty research journals.

Affiliations and Expertise

Laboratory of Dairy Research Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Agricultural University of Athens, Athens, Greece