Kevin Lepot

Kevin Lepot

Dr Kevin Lepot is a lecturer within the Geosystems Lab at the University of Lille. His teaching consists of early microbial life, geobiology. His research group has extensive experience of characterization of rocks and living or sub-fossil microbial ecosystems using state of the art micro- to nano-scale characterization techniques. He has used these techniques to investigate the oldest microfossils, the oldest biomineralizations, as well as fossilization and mineralization processes in living and subfossil microbial mats and to investigate Precambrian microfossils and fossil macrostructures that putatively formed by microbial processes from Siberia, comparitively with modern microbially-formed macrostructures found in salt flats in France.

Affiliations and Expertise

Biogéosciences UFR Sciences de la Vie Terre Environnment, Université de Lille, France


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