Kazutami Sakamoto

Kazutami Sakamoto

Kazutami Sakamoto is a professor of Faculty of Pharmacy at Chiba Institute of Science since April, 2010. He is also an adjunct professor of Dept. of Pure & Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science & Technology, at Tokyo University of Science. He has graduated the master program of Applied Chemistry, School of Engineering at Tohoku University in 1971 after finishing undergraduate program at the same university. He has received the diploma of Ph. D. from Faculty of Science at Tohoku University in 1980. In 1971 he has joined the Central Research Laboratories of Ajinomoto Co., Inc as a research chemist and spent most of his professional carrier with the company till 2003. During his time with Ajinomoto, Dr. Sakamoto has long been engaged in the development of the Ajinomoto's functional chemical products especially cosmetic ingredients. He also has conducted many basic researches in the area of colloid and interfacial chemistry and skin science. In 2003 he has retired from Ajinomoto and joined to Shiseido Research Center as a Resident Special Technical Advisor and spent three years to consult creation and promotion of Shiseido's new R&D projects. After then he has worked for Seiwa kasei Co. LTD. as a director of R&D. Along with industrial carrier, Dr. Sakamoto has been active in research and educations at Universities as Yokohama National University, Shinsyu University then Tokyo University of Science as an adjunct professor. After retiring from industry in 2008, he has been expanding academic activities. Dr. Sakamoto has elucidated extensive research on the physicochemical properties of aminoacid based chiral molecules especially at their self assembled conditions since late 1970s. His explorations of chiral self assemblies including micelles, lyotropic liquid crystals are one of the pioneering studies in 1970s. Discovery of lyotropic cholesteric liquid crystal formed by acylamino acid as a chiral surfactant is a good example of them. Never ending his curiosity on the structure and functions of chiral assembly led him to create chiral mesoporous silica as a solid matter which was templated from chiral lyotropic liquid crystal formed by acylamino acid as a soft matter. His study “Self Organization of Amino Acid Based Chiral Surfactants: Evaluation of Organized Structures and Interactions with Biological System” was awarded by Japan Oils Chemists' Society in 2005. He has been actively participating many international conferences as an invited speaker during recent 10 years. Dr. Sakamoto was a Chairman of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry at The Chemical Society of Japan for 2007-2008.

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor, Fellow of the Chemical Society of Japan, Faculty of Pharmacy, Chiba Institute of Science, Choshi-city, Chiba, Japan


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