Katy Armstrong

Katy Armstrong

Katy Armstrong is Manager of the CO2Chem Network (www.co2chem.com) based at the UK Centre for Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CDUUK) at the University of Sheffield, UK. CO2Chem is the largest international network bring together academics, researchers and industrialists focused on CO2 utilisation. Started in 2010, CO2Chem is a grand challenge network funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Katy has overseen the CO2Chem’s growth from 100 to nearly 1000 members and develops strategy for the network along with organizing and facilitating network events. Katy has a B.Eng. (Hons) in Chemical and Process Engineering from the University of Sheffield (2000) and is studying part-time for a PhD in life cycle and techno-economic assessment of carbon dioxide utilisation processes; her research interests lie in life cycle and techno economic analysis of CDU processes and public perception and understanding of CDU technologies. Along with Peter Styring and collaborators at ECN in the Netherlands she co-authored the policy document “Carbon Capture and Utilisation in the Green Economy” (ISBN 978-0-9572588-1-5 for eBook) which has been widely used in the UK government for background information on CDU. Katy’s most recent paper is on the public perception of CDU technologies with Chris Jones and Styring (both authors in this book), this is believed to be the first paper in this area of CDU and the research has raised many interesting issues surrounding how CDU is communicated. Alongside her work at CO2Chem Katy is also a part of the European SCOT (Smart CO2 Transformations) project, looking at the techno-economic viability of CDU and creating a Joint Action Plan for the implementation of CDU across member states.

Affiliations and Expertise

UK Centre for Carbon Dioxide Utilization, University of Sheffield, UK