Katsumi Hirose

Katsumi Hirose

Prof. Dr. Katsumi Hirose is presently a visiting professor at the Sophia University (Tokyo), as well as at the Saitama University (Tsukuba, Japan). Most of his career he spent in the Meteorological Research Institute in Tsukuba, where he retired in 2009 as the Director of the Geochemical Research Department. He has been well known for his scientific work on natural and anthropogenic radionuclides in the environment, and their applications as tracers of atmospheric, terrestrial and marine processes. He specifically contributed to better understanding of plutonium in the marine environment, and to the transport of radionuclides through the global atmosphere. He also has been an expert of chemical speciation of trace metals and radionuclides in seawater. He organized and participated in tens of oceanographic cruises, focusing mostly on the Pacific Ocean. He published over 150 papers in recognized scientific journals. He has been frequently asked to give invited talks at international conferences on radionuclides as tracers of environmental processes. He was acting in several governmental bodies, such as the Radiation Review Council of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (1999-2009), and in the former Nuclear Safety Commission, Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan (1999-2012). He has been a member of several foreign and national societies. He received several distinguished awards, such as the “Ishibashi Award” in Marine Chemistry (2006), and the “Miyake Award” in Geochemistry (2009).

Affiliations and Expertise

Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan