Juan I. Soto

Juan I. Soto

Prof. Soto’s research interests include late orogenic extension in mountain belts, structural interpretation and strain analysis, and metamorphic and thermal evolution of extended terrains. Prof. Soto helped to develop a comprehensive model for the origin of the Alboran Sea and its three-dimensional crustal and lithospheric structure using heat-flow and gravity data in conjunction with multi-channel seismics and deep-seismic profiling. Prof. Soto has published nearly 30 papers in top scientific journals, including the Journal of Structural Geology, American Mineralogist and Tectonophysics. Expertise: salt and shale tectonics, extensional tectonics, seismic interpretation, basin analysis and orogenic processes.

Affiliations and Expertise

Professor of Structural Geology, Department of Geodynamics, Granada University, Spain


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