Joe C. Truett

Joe C. Truett

Dr. Truett has worked much of the last 25 years conducting and managing research programs related to the response of arctic wildlife and habitats to industrial development. During much of this time he worked as senior biologist with LGL Ecological Research Associates and, later, as owner of Truett Research. Currently he is senior biologist with the Turner Endangered Species Fund. He has published numerous articles related to his arctic work and to an area of personal interest--environmental history. In the latter field, he has published two books, Land of Bears and Honey with D.W. Lay, from the University of Texas Press, 1984 and Circling Back: Chronicle of a Texas River Valley, from the University of Iowa Press, 1996.

Affiliations and Expertise

Truett Research, Glenwood, New Mexico, U.S.A.