Joaquim Vives

Joaquim Vives

Dr. Vives has specialties in GLP/GMP implementation, the development of (stem) cell-based products for regenerative medicine, and design, execution and analysis of non-clinical studies. He was a post-doctoral Fellow at University of Edinburgh and moved to Stem Cell Sciences Ltd in the UK where he became Head of Research. Six years ago, he became Head of Preclinical Studies at XCELIA, a biopharmaceutical company formed from The Catalan Blood and Tissue Service (Banc de Sang i Teixits) devoted to the development of advanced therapy medicine. As the Quality manager at XCelia, Dr. Vives secured the facility as the first GLP-compliant laboratory in Spain dedicated to the development of advanced cell therapies. He is now Director of R&D, responsible for technology transfer of innovative experimental bioprocesses into GMP-compliant production environments. He also manages GLP test facilities and relationships with Health Regulatory Agencies among other compliance responsibilities.

Affiliations and Expertise

R&D Director, XCELIA, Banc de Sang I Teixits, Barcelona, Spain