Jelle Van Haaster

Jelle Van Haaster

Jelle Van Haaster, LL.M. University Utrecht, BA War Studies, Faculty of Military Sciences, is an award-winning writer, software programmer/developer, and speaker. He is an officer in the Royal Netherlands Army and has a diverse background in legal, military, and technical defense matters. Jelle recently developed an award-winning software app for effectively utilizing social media during military operations, and he is the author of multiple scholarly IT-Law, IT, and military-operational publications. He is currently completing his multidisciplinary Ph.D. thesis on the future utility of military Cyber Operations during conflicts at the Netherlands Defense Academy and University of Amsterdam.

Affiliations and Expertise

Netherlands Defense Academy and University of Amsterdam


Authors: Jelle Van Haaster & Rickey Gevers & Martijn Sprengers Release Date: 16 Jun 2016
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