Jean-Marc Tacnet

Jean-Marc Tacnet

Jean-Marc Tacnet (Irstea-ETNA) is a senior researcher who received two Master Engineering Degrees (ENGEES, ENGREF), a M.Sc. degree in Applied Computer Science (Grenoble University) and a PhD thesis (ENSMSE) in Environmental Engineering Sciences. His activities focus on integrated risk management and expert assessment processes applied to natural phenomena in mountains. He is involved in applied research dealing with decision support systems for hazard, risk assessment but also risk reduction measures effectiveness analysis in a context of imperfect information and uncertainty. His disciplinary fields concern multi-criteria decision-making, information fusion, artificial intelligence (fuzzy sets, possibility, belief function theories), uncertainty analysis, and software engineerin. He manages a research team called DARE (Decision-Aid, Risk ans Expertise- ADRET in French).

Affiliations and Expertise

Researcher, ETNA Research Unit, IRSTEA, Grenoble, France


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