Jean-Christophe Appert-Collin

Jean-Christophe Appert-Collin

Lecturer since 2000 at the IUT Nancy-Brabois,Chemical Engineering department, Process Engineering of the University of Lorraine, France. He performs his research at the Laboratory Reactions and Process Engineering (UMR CNRS 7274), and works on filtration of solid or liquid aerosols by fibrous media. The main applications of this research are aimed at the safety of people (respirators, safety filters), the environment (atmospheric particulate emissions) and methods (protection filter). He is also board member of the French Society of Fluid Separations Particles

Affiliations and Expertise

Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, IUT Nancy-Brabois, and Process Engineering, University of Lorraine, France


Authors: Dominique Thomas & Augustin Charvet & Nathalie Bardin-Monnier & Jean-Christophe Appert-Collin Release Date: 01 Dec 2016
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