Jarvis Hayman

Jarvis Hayman

Jarvis Hayman graduated in Medicine at Aberdeen University. After coming to Australia in 1974, he worked for many years as a surgeon in Sydney and in a regional city in New South Wales. Upon retiring, he studied archaeology at the Australian National University, obtaining a Master’s degree in 2006 with a thesis on the archaeology of the Scottish Highland Clearances. He then combined his archaeological and medical knowledge to undertake a PhD in forensic archaeology. Research for the thesis included a detailed study of the National Coronial Information System, based at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine (VIFM) in Melbourne, studies of the autopsies of decomposed bodies at the VIFM and researching the decomposition of human bodies at the Grady Early Anthropology Research Facility (GEFARL) of the Texas State University in San Marcos. The thesis developed mathematical models using numerical total body scores of the decomposition process, to estimate the time of death up to 14 days, of human bodies found in many of the states of Australia.

Affiliations and Expertise

Visiting Fellow, Australian National University, Canberra, A.C.T., Australia


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