James Luisi

James Luisi

James Luisi has over 30 years of experience within business and IT, where he has gained a unique perspective that contributes to the way business and IT collaborate to address the conditions that result from the cycles of acquisition and rapid expansion in ways that serve the customer, shareholder, and business and IT stakeholders. A family business owner, he is also insurance and series 7 and 24 licensed, with experience in dealer banking, brokerage, securities exchanges, commercial banking, retail banking, life insurance, property and casualty, and portfolio management. He has experience in the government sector, defense and intelligence, very large databases (VLDB), cloud computing, and several areas of artificial intelligence (AI), such as natural language processing (NLP). The foundation of Luisi’s IT background rests upon large information systems, control systems, database technologies, artificial intelligence, operational workflow and most every discipline of enterprise architecture and infrastructure architecture.

Affiliations and Expertise

Enterprise Information Architect, Knowledgement