Jacques Lamon

Jacques Lamon

Jacques Lamon received an award from the Seymour Cray company in 1990 for his work on failure statistics based predictions of brittle failure. In 2006, he was elected Fellow of the American Ceramic Society. In 2007 he received the First Prize of Best Paper Awards from the American Ceramic Society. He has authored one book on the Mechanics of brittle fracture and damage, authored more than 300 technical articles on ceramics reliability, and the thermomechanical behaviour of fibre-reinforced ceramic matrix composites and contributed to/ edited 13 books; 14 conference proceedings, 3 journal special issues and more than 15 testing method standards (CEN) and presented more than 70 invited lectures. HIs current research interests include Thermomechanical behavior of composite materials, modelling of damage, fracture and durability, effects of the environment, multiscale approaches to behavior, fracture and durability and the probabilistic approaches to fracture and damage.

Affiliations and Expertise

CNRS Research Director (Exceptional Class), ENS Cachan, CNRS, Université Paris Saclay


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