Jacques Henry

Jacques Henry

Jacques Henry is Director of Research, emeritus at INRIA Bordeaux Sud-ouest, France. He graduated from E´cole Polytechnique, Paris (1970). He has worked within INRIA (National Institute for Computer Sciences and Automatic Control, France) since 1974. His work covers control of systems governed by partial differential equations, modeling, parameter estimation and continuation-bifurcation methods applied to biological systems mainly in cardiac electrophysiology and biological sequences comparison. His current interests are on numerical analysis, inverse problems and singular perturbations for partial differential equations. He is developing research on the method of factorization of linear elliptic boundary value problems in terms of product of Cauchy problems. He was leading the INRIA project team Anubis on structured population dynamics. He has a special interest on the evolution of activity of popula- tions of neurons.

Affiliations and Expertise

Research Director, INRIA, Bordeaux, France