Jacques Fantini

Jacques Fantini

Jacques Fantini was born in France in 1960. He has over 30 years of teaching and research experience in biochemistry and neurochemistry areas. Since 1998, he is professor of biochemistry and honorary member of the ‘Institut Universitaire de France’. He has demonstrated the implication of glycolipids in the attachment and fusion of HIV-1 with the plasma membrane of target cells, and has published several important articles in this field. He is an active member of the research group ‘Molecular Interactions in Model and Biological Membrane Systems’ led by Nouara Yahi. This group is internationally recognized for studies of lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions pertaining to virus fusion, amyloid aggregation, oligomerization and pore formation. Together with Nouara Yahi, Jacques Fantini has discovered the universal sphingolipid-binding domain (SBD) in proteins with no sequence homology but sharing common structural features mediating sphingolipid recognition. The SBD is present in a broad range of infectious and amyloid proteins, revealing common mechanisms of pathogenesis in viral and bacterial brain infections, and in neurodegenerative diseases. His current research is focused on the molecular organization of the synapse in physiological and pathological conditions. Jacques Fantini is the author/co-author of 167 articles (PubMed), with 5800 citations and a H-index of 42. He has also published 4 patent applications.

Affiliations and Expertise

Molecular Interactions in Model and Biological Membranes Laboratory, Faculty of Science and Technology, Marseille, France