J Bijen

J Bijen

Jan Bijen is Professor of Materials Science in the Civil Engineering Materials Section of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. He is an expert on civil engineering materials, including durability problems and the environmental impact of construction materials. He was director of INTRON BV, the institute for quality assessment in the Dutch building industry, for twenty years. He is the Director of FEMMASSE BV, a supplier of software for materials and structural engineering for the building industry, and Director of BouwQ BV, a professional association of four bodies in the Netherlands: Geodelft, INTRON BV, TNO-Bouw and Wagemaker BV, which focuses on quality assessment of building structures. As a consultant he has worked on the design for durability of major projects, such as the building of the Saudi Arabia-Bahrain Causeway and the Great Belt bridges in Denmark. He also worked on the Deira-Shindagah tunnel in Dubai, the Al Hamdi Suez Canal tunnel , the conservation of the Zeeland bridge in the Netherlands, the arbitration of the Dubai Dry Docks, and the conservation of the steel structures of the Eastern Scheldt Barrier and the Maeslant Barrier in the Netherlands. He is Chairman of the Dutch Standard Committee on Environmental Profiles of Building Products and Chairman of the Dutch National Committee on Sustainable Building. He has also been President of the Dutch Society of Concrete Technology, Member of the Board of the Dutch Concrete Society, Member of the Quality Advisory Board of the Dutch National Centre for Sustainable Building, Chairman and Founder of the Dutch Society for Life-Cycle Assessment in the Building Industry, Convenor of TG5 'Additions' of CEN TC 104 SC1 'Concrete- specification, performance, production and conformity', Member of CEN TC104 SC1 and SC8 'Concrete Repair and Protection' and President of NACE Benelux.

Affiliations and Expertise

Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands