Ineke J. M. van der Ham

Ineke J. M. van der Ham

Ineke van der Ham obtained her Bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam. She continued her studies at Utrecht University where she obtained her Master’s degree in cognitive neuroscience. In 2006 she started as a PhD student at the department of experimental psychology at Utrecht University. In her PhD work she mainly focused on the hemispheric lateralization patterns typically found in spatial relation processing. In 2009 she was a visiting research fellow at Harvard University. In 2010 she finished her dissertation entitled: Thinking left and right, neurocognitive studies on spatial relation processing. In 2010-2015 she was employed as an assistant professor neuropsychology at Utrecht University. Since 2015 she is an assistant professor neuropsychology at Leiden University. In her current research, she focuses mainly on the neurocognition of navigation ability and navigation impairments. She is developing diagnostic and training tools, making use of virtual reality and serious gaming techniques.

Affiliations and Expertise

Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands


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