Ilya Obodovskiy

Ilya Obodovskiy

Ilya Obodovskiy graduated from Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute (MEPhI) and then for more than 40 years followed his lecturing and research work in this Institute. His research interests are focused on radiation detection and measurement, on the effects of radiation on matter. His Ph.D. was devoted to scintillations in alcali-halide cristalls. During long period the main object of reseach for him and his laboratory was radiation processes in liquid and solid noble gases. The results of these investigations could be found in more than 70 published papers, together with his collaborators he received several patents. He was also invited as an expert to survey some radiation environment in the areas of underground nuclear explosions. In the 1990-s Obodovskiy became interested in the physico-chemical methods of detection of mutagen and carcinogen hazard. As a result he has managed a number of national and international collaborative projects, in particularly, the Project of the International Science and Technology Center. Currently I. Obodovskiy is an independent researcher, the author of some recently published books and he also continues his scientific research.

Affiliations and Expertise

Frankfurt, Germany