Igor Kononenko

Igor Kononenko

Igor Kononenko studied computer science at the University of Ljubliana, Slovenia, receiving his BSc in 1982, MSc in 1985 and PhD in 1990. He is now professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science there, teaching courses in Programming Languages, Algorithms and Data Structures; Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures; Knowledge Engineering, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases. He is the head of the Laboratory for Cognitive Modelling and a member of the Artificial Intelligence Department at the same faculty. His research interests include artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks and cognitive modelling. He is the (co) author of 170 scientific papers in these fields and 10 textbooks. Professor Kononenko is a member of the editorial board of Applied Intelligence and Informatica journals and was also twice chair of the programme committee of the International Cognitive Conference in Ljubliana.

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Igor Kononenko

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