Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat

Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat

Prof Ozbolat is leading University of Iowa's Biomanufacturing Laboratory (BioMfG, specialized in bio-printing for organ fabrication) and Electronic Manufacturing Team, and supervising Design for Manufacturing Laboratory. As a part of CCAD mission, Dr. Ozbolat has participated in spinning-off companies, where he co-owns the Virtual Systems Engineering, LLC. and BioPrint, LLC. He is a faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Iowa. He is also affiliated in the Center for Computer-aided Design (CCAD) as a research professor. Dr. Ozbolat's major research thrust is in the area of Design, Manufacturing and Tissue Engineering with a special focus on Biomanufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Electronic Manufacturing and Model Based Manufacturing (MBM). He received his PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering from the University at Buffalo.

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Professor, Dept. of Engineering Science and Mechanics, The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Penn State University, University Park, USA


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