Iain Davison

Iain Davison

Iain Davison has over 16 years of security experience with many skills ranging from penetration testing to creating and building intrusion prevention devices. This include knowledge of programming languages, scripting and compiling software. I his last position Iain performed network architecture, hardware design, software design and implementation. He currently lives in Clinton, MD with his Laura and two kids Shaun age 6 and Emma age 1, he also has a dog and a cat. Iain enjoys creating home automation devices from raspberry pi kits along with home media and simple robotics. Along with his experience in the cyber-security industry, Iain has also written a book with a few of colleagues on threat forecasting, it will be published in the second quarter of this year. The book discusses some techniques used to gather intelligence, the importance of all data not just the obvious. Looking at data from a different perspective, something other than the norm. Now that he is on the Exabeam team, he may be willing to write yet another book based around UBA and all the things it can it can do in the enterprise.

Affiliations and Expertise

Security Engineer, Exabeam