Hui Tong Chua

Hui Tong Chua

Professor Hui Tong Chua obtained a Bachelor of Technology Engineering Educator Award 2001/2002, National University of Singapore; 2002/2003 University-level Excellent Teachers Listing - ranked among the top 6.3%, National University of Singapore; 2010 Award for Teaching Excellence (Individual Teaching) by the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics, The University of Western Australia; 2011 Shanxi Government Specially Appointed Expert under the Shanxi (China) Hundred Man Program; 2013 Joint winner with Trevor Powell of Impacts Buildings Pty. Ltd. in the “Backyard Category” of The Australian Innovation Challenge for “Solar Desalination”

Affiliations and Expertise

School of Mechanical and Chemical Engineering, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia


Authors: Hui Chua & Bijan Rahimi Release Date: 01 May 2017
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