Henry L. Janzen

Henry L. Janzen

Dr. Janzen is a Professor, teacher, researcher, counsellor, author, psychologist, administrator, father and husband. He has been teaching at the University of Alberta for 30 years, but he has also taught at other universities for brief periods, universities at Winnipeg, Calgary, Halifax, Victoria, New Jersey and Philadelphia. At present, he is Co-ordinator of the Faculty of Education Clinic and Director of the Psychological Testing Center.Aside from his university service, Dr. Janzen has served the public through his part-time private practice. He has worked as a consulting school psychologist to many school systems. He has worked with many government agencies, hospitals, businesses, law firms and churches. As a researcher and author Dr. Janzen has written and co-authored 10 books, 15 chapters in scientific books and published over 150 scientific papers. In addition to all of these activities, Dr. Janzen with 3 other colleagues, co-hosted a radio talk show in Edmonton for 13 years, a talk show called 'That's Living'. Finally, Dr. Janzen is a Rotarian, a church member, a father and grandfather, a poor golfer and a neophyte cook.

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada