Hari Nair

Hari Nair

Dr. Nair received his PhD in 1998 under the advice of Prof. Vicki Wysocki at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA with specialization in the study of gas phase dissociation of biomolecules in a mass spectrometer. Since then after an NRC postdoctoral fellowship at the US Army, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD he has worked for over a decade in the industry that include the tenures as senior scientist at Applied Biosysems where he participated in the development of novel mass spectrometric instrumentation for biotechnology applications and at Perkin Elmer where he was involved in the development and validation of IVD kits for new born screening and clinical lab testing applications. After completion of fellowship from the Department of Lab Medicine at the University of Washington, Seattle, he received his board certification in Clinical Chemistry by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry in 2014, and is a Fellow of the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry. After a brief stint as a consultant to toxicology labs, he is currently employed as the technical director at the Boston Heart Diagnostics, Framingham, MA. Dr. Nair has co-authored several peer reviewed articles, a patent and served as a consulting editor for a med tech text book published by Elsevier.

Affiliations and Expertise

Technical Director, Boston Heart Diagnostics, Framingham, MA, USA


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