Handbook of the Economics of Finance

Handbook of the Economics of Finance, 1st Edition

Corporate Finance

Handbook of the Economics of Finance, 1st Edition,ISBN9780444535948

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Detailed surveys of major subjects in corporate finance and financial markets for graduate students and professors

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Key Features

  • Presents coherent summaries of major finance fields, marking important advances and revisions
  • Describes the best corporate finance research created about the 2008 financial crises
  • Exposes readers to a wide range of subjects described and analyzed by the best scholars


In the 11 articles in this first of two parts, top scholars summarize and analyze recent scholarship in corporate finance.  Covering subjects from corporate taxes to behavioral corporate finance and econometric issues, their articles reveal how specializations resonate with each other and indicate likely directions for future research. By including both established and emerging topics, Volume 2 will have the same long shelf life and high citations that characterize Volume 1 (2003).


Graduate students and professors worldwide working in all subdisciplines of economics and finance.

Handbook of the Economics of Finance, 1st Edition

  1. Securitization (G. Gorton, A. Metrick)
  2. Dynamic Security Design and Corporate Financing (Y. Sannikov)
  3. Do Taxes Affect Corporate Decisions? A Review (J. Graham)
  4. Executive Compensation: Where We are, and How We Got There (K. Murphy)
  5. Behavioral Corporate Finance: An Updated Survey (M. Baker, J. Wurgler)
  6. Law and Finance After a Decade of Research (R. La Porta, F. Lopez-de-Silanes, A. Shleifer)
  7. Endogeneity in Empirical Corporate Finance (M. Roberts, T. Whited)
  8. A Survey of Venture Capital Research (M. Da Rin, T. Hellman, M. Puri)
  9. Entrepreneurship and the Family Firm (V. Mehrotra, R. Morck)
  10. Financing in Developing Countries (M. Ayyagari, A. Demirguc-Kunt, V. Maksimovic)
  11. Financial Intermediation, Markets, and Alternative Financial Sectors (F. Allen, E. Carletti, J. Qian)

Quotes and reviews

"A scholarly compendium of contemporary research in Financial Economics which will be of great value not only for researchers in finance but also for researchers in many other of economics including money and banking, growth and development, international economics, public finance, and macro economics."

Edward C. Prescott, Nobel Laureate, Arizona State University

"This Handbook provides a timely and comprehensive account of the state-of-the-art of Financial Economics, including corporate finance and asset pricing, written by many of the leading names in their respective fields."

Harry M.Markowitz, Nobel Laureate, University of California, San Diego

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