Handbook of Nanosafety

Handbook of Nanosafety, 1st Edition

Measurement, Exposure and Toxicology

Handbook of Nanosafety, 1st Edition,Ulla Vogel,Kai Savolainen,Qinglan Wu,Martie van Tongeren,Derk Brouwer,Markus Berges,ISBN9780124166042

Vogel   &   Savolainen   &   Wu   &   van Tongeren   &   Brouwer   &   Berges   

Academic Press




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A comprehensive and practical reference for occupational nanotoxicology and nanosafety

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Key Features

  • Multi-authored book, written by leading researchers in the field of nanotoxicology and nanosafety
  • Features state-of-the-art physical and chemical characterization of engineered nanomaterials (ENM)
  • Develops strategies for exposure assessment, risk assessment and risk management
  • Includes practical case studies and exposure scenarios to demonstrate how you can safely use ENM in the workplace


Handbook of Nanosafety: Measurement, Exposure and Toxicology, written by leading international experts in nanosafety, provides a comprehensive understanding of engineered nanomaterials (ENM), current international nanosafety regulation, and how ENM can be safely handled in the workplace.

Increasingly, the importance of safety needs to be considered when promoting the use of novel technologies like ENM. With its use of case studies and exposure scenarios, Handbook of Nanosafety demonstrates techniques to assess exposure and risks and how these assessments can be applied to improve workers' safety. Topics covered include the effects of ENM on human health, characterization of ENM, aerosol dynamics and measurement, exposure and risk assessment, and safe handling of ENM.

Based on outcomes from the NANODEVICE initiative, this is an essential resource for those who need to apply current nanotoxicological thinking in the workplace and anyone who advises on nanosafety, such as professionals in toxicology, occupational safety and risk assessment.


Toxicologists and scientists who work with ENM and aerosols. Occupational Toxicologists. Regulatory Toxicologists. Risk Assessors. Nanosafety managers. Industrial Hygienists

Ulla Vogel

Affiliations and Expertise

National Research Centre for the Working Environment, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Handbook of Nanosafety, 1st Edition

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Exposure Scenarios
Chapter 3. Nanomaterials and Human Health
Chapter 4. From Source to Dose: Emission, Transport, Aerosol dynamics and Dose Assessment for Workplace Aerosol Exposure
Chapter 5. Quality control of measurement devices
Chapter 6. Exposure Assessment Strategies
Chapter 7. Risk Assessment and Risk Management
Chapter 8. Examples and Case Studies
Chapter 9. Future Outlook

Quotes and reviews

"Most of the information is from the NANODEVICE research project funded by the European Union, but the findings often integrate results of other research as well. Contributors from a wide range of sciences cover nanotechnology and exposure scenarios; nanomaterials and human health…"--ProtoView.com, April 2014

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