Habtamu Abie

Habtamu Abie

Dr. Habtamu Abie is currently a Senior Research Scientist at the Norwegian Computing Center. He received his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Oslo and has many years of experience in computing, both as practitioner and researcher. He has a strong and extensive background in the design and development of real-time systems, and the design, modelling and development of security for distributed object computing systems. He has previously been senior engineer and research scientist at Telenor Research and Development, scientific associate and fellow at CERN, researcher at ABB Corporate Research, software development engineer at Nera-AS, and Alcatel Telecom Norway. His past and present research interests encompass adaptive security (risk management, protocols, DRM, IDM, requirements, metrics, policy, privacy, trust) in distributed and telecommunications systems, architecture and methodology, formal methods and tools, hard real-time systems, and mobile, ubiquitous and ambient intelligent computing. He has served as guest-editor of the Special Issue on Security of Wireless Communication Systems of the Journal of Networks and serves as a project proposal reviewer for research and higher academic institutions such as The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, and Province of British Columbia Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (NRAS). He has also been engaged in building large consortia and leading technical R&D work, both in industry-driven and multinational projects. Currently, Dr. Abie works on privacy risk assessment methods for identity management in the PETweb II (Privacy-respecting Identity Management for e-Norge) project, and on the information security properties, trustworthiness, security functions and privacy implications of the IoT in the uTRUSTit (Usable TRUST in the Internet of Things - FP7) project. He is the principal scientist and project manager of the ASSET (Adaptive Security for Smart Internet of Things in eHealth) project, which researches and develops risk-based adaptive security methods and mechanisms for IoT in eHealth using game theory and context-awareness that increase security to an appropriate level.

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Senior Research Scientist, Norwegian Computing Center

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Habtamu Abie

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