Gülgün Kayakutlu

Gülgün Kayakutlu

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gulgun Kayakutlu is currently teaching Operations Research and Intelligent Optimization courses in the Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University. She was in the Management Committee of MIRIAD FW6 Project 2005-2008, on regional innovation. Before joining the University, she was the founder and General Manager of Sybase Turkey, where she managed several real-time transaction projects in the private sector and many B2B projects in the Government sector. She developed strong international team-work skills while working for the OECD and the International Energy Agency for over 7 years in Paris (1982-1990). Kayakutlu has published more than twenty research articles in SCI and SSCI reviews on Energy Optimization and Intelligence fields.

Affiliations and Expertise

Associate Professor, Industrial Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey


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