Gunilla Wieslander

Gunilla Wieslander

Prof. Dr. Gunilla Wieslander (Uppsala University, Sweden) Academical degree: Physician and MD 1977, licensed to practice medicine since 1979. Specialized in Occupational medicine at Uppsala University in 1986. Ph.D. degree in occupational medicine at Uppsala University in 1995 on Water Based Paints and adverse health effects. In January 1999 associate professor at Medical Sciences/ Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Senior consultant in medicine 2001. Specialized and licensed as a physician in environmental medicine in 2003 and specialization into aviation physician by the Swedish Civil Aircraft Board in 2004 and work parttime with Scandinavian Airlines, consultant and researcher. Scientific secretay in Swedish Aviation and Nautical Association since 2007 and member since 2012. Ongoing international cooperation with researchers from China. In China, through Professor Wang and Professor Zheng cooperates on biomedical and allergy research in buckwheat with Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Science, Taiyuan, PRC, and Department of Life Sciences at Shanxi University.

Affiliations and Expertise

Uppsala University, Sweden