Guillaume Chanfreau Chanfreau

Guillaume Chanfreau Chanfreau

Dr Guillaume Chanfreau obtained his Bachelor Degree from Université Claude Bernard Lyon and ENS Lyon and his PhD in Microbiology from Université Paris VI. During his PhD, mentored by Alain Jacquier, he characterized the mechanism of splicing of group II intron ribozymes. Dr Chanfreau then completed postdoctoral training at UCSF with Christine Guthrie, where he identified novel factors involved in 3’-end processing of mRNAs and small RNAs. After this postdoctoral training, he was recruited at UCLA as a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry where he teaches a Biochemistry upper division course focused on DNA, RNA and protein synthesis. At UCLA, Dr Chanfreau has developed a research program focused on understanding the mechanisms of RNA degradation and RNA processing, and how these processes contribute to regulate gene expression.

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