Ground Penetrating Radar Theory and Applications

Ground Penetrating Radar Theory and Applications, 1st Edition

Ground Penetrating Radar Theory and Applications, 1st Edition,Harry Jol,ISBN9780444533487

H Jol   

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Key Features

*Review of GPR theory and applications by leaders in the field
*Up-to-date information and references
*Effective handbook and primary research reference for both experienced practitioners and newcomers


Ground-penetrating radar (GPR) is a rapidly developing field that has seen tremendous progress over the past 15 years. The development of GPR spans aspects of geophysical science, technology, and a wide range of scientific and engineering applications. It is the breadth of applications that has made GPR such a valuable tool in the geophysical consulting and geotechnical engineering industries, has lead to its rapid development, and inspired new areas of research in academia. The topic of GPR has gone from not even being mentioned in geophysical texts ten years ago to being the focus of hundreds of research papers and special issues of journals dedicated to the topic. The explosion of primary literature devoted to GPR technology, theory and applications, has lead to a strong demand for an up-to-date synthesis and overview of this rapidly developing field. Because there are specifics in the utilization of GPR for different applications, a review of the current state of development of the applications along with the fundamental theory is required. This book will provide sufficient detail to allow both practitioners and newcomers to the area of GPR to use it as a handbook and primary research reference.


exploration geophysicists, geotechnical engineers, geomorphologists, archaeologists, soil scientists, hydrogeologists, earth scientists, geologists, military/defense, transportation engineers

Harry Jol

Affiliations and Expertise

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, USA

Ground Penetrating Radar Theory and Applications, 1st Edition

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Principles
1. Electromagnetic Principles of GPR
2. Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Rocks, Soils and Fluids
3. GPR Systems and Design
4. Antennas
5. Data Processing, Modeling and Analysis
Environmental Applications
6. Soils, Peatlands and Biomonitoring
7. The Contribution of GPR to Water Resources Research
8. Contaminant Mapping
Earth Science Applications
9. Ground Penetrating Radar in Aeolian Dune Sands
10. Coastal Environments
11. Advances in Fluvial Sedimentology using GPR
12. Glaciers and Ice Sheets Engineering and Societal Applications
13. NDT Transportation
14. Landmine and UXO Detection and Classification
15. GPR Archaeometry
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