Gregory B Greenwood

Gregory B Greenwood

Since 2004, Dr. Greenwood has been Executive Director of the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI), an international project office funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and focused on global change research in mountains worldwide. Prior to MRI, he served as Science Advisor to the Resources Secretary of California and Climate and Bioenergy Advisor for the California Department of Forestry. He has a Ph.D. in Ecology from the University of California at Davis, an M.S. in Range Science from Colorado State University and a B.A. in Geography from Middlebury College. He counts his time at the State of California as his post-doc in political reality. He is familiar with the Northern Appalachians, the Colorado Rockies, the Sierra Nevada and Cascades, the Swiss Alps, the Highlands of Western Cameroon, and selected portions of Tibet, the Karakorum and the Himalaya.

Affiliations and Expertise

Director, Mountain Research Initiative, Institute of Geography, University of Bern, Switzerland