Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond is a legendary and pioneering bicyclist, three-time winner of the Tour de France (1986, 1989, and 1990), three-time World Cycling Champion (1979 junior, 1983, and 1989), author of "Greg LeMond's Complete Book of Bicycling”" (1988, with Kent Gordis), founder of the LeMond Fitness company, bicycle technology innovator, and fitness expert. Greg LeMond runs his company at, is a leader in the latest training equipment and power (watts) training devices, and has recently reintroduced his brand of LeMond bicycles. He contributes in many cycling periodicals, including Cycling News. He recently joined Eurosport as their Global Cycling Ambassador and as a TV sports commentator. Greg is uniquely qualified to describe the importance of mitochondria during the height of his racing career and also when mitochondrial myopathy resulted in his premature retirement from racing. He will explain why modern athletes need to know the science of fitness.

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