Glenn Grant

Glenn Grant

Glenn Grant is a Senior Staff Scientist at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. His research focus is on the formability, joining, and manufacturing of materials for industrial applications, and in the development of new solid state joining and processing technologies for advanced materials for future energy applications including power generation, hydrocarbon and chemical transport and processing. Mr. Grant has been researching and developing Friction Stir Welding and Processing at the lab since 1997 and during that time has completed numerous studies with industrial partners on the performance of Friction Stir Processed surfaces for improved properties. He currently leads a portfolio of projects investigating Friction Stir Joining and Processing as a new manufacturing technology, and leads programs in solid state compaction and processing of new materials for high temperature and high performance applications. Mr. Grant has over 20 publications on solid state joining and processing and over 29 years’ experience in the microstructural and mechanical characterization of materials and in the exploration of process/property relationships.

Affiliations and Expertise

Senior staff scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory