Giuseppina Rea

Giuseppina Rea

Giuseppina Rea, PhD in Biology, is researcher at the National Research Council (CNR) in Rome, Italy, and has experience in plant molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and protein engineering applied to fundamental research and technological transfer. She leads the CNR institutional project AG.P01.011 Biotechnological applications of oxygenic photosynthetic organisms in the agro-food field: nutraceutics, biosensors and space biochips. She has scientific responsibility forf European / Italian founded programmes such as SENSBYOSIN (FP7), MULTIBIOPLAT (EUROTRANSBIO), BIOKIS-PHOTOEVOLUTION (ESA-ASI-NATO), COST Action PHOTOTECH: Photosynthetic proteins for biotechnological applications: biosensors and biochips. She is Member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Platform in Organic Farming, PTBio Italia.

Affiliations and Expertise

National Research Council (CNR) Rome, Italy